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Glycerine Extracts

The presence of the above symbol on a W.Last product is an indication that it is an glycerine based extraction.

What is Glycerine Extracts?

Glycerine extracts or Hydro-glycerol extracts are herbal extractions prepared according to a proprietary glycerine and water extraction method developed by W.Last.

The final product comprises of a mixture of glycerine and water with a wide variety of applications. The glycerine that we use for our extracts is prepared exclusively from plant sources and contains NO traces of animal derived glycerine.

Glycerine Extract Applications

  • Creams, gels and other topicals.
  • Syrups and suspensions
  • Vaping solutions
  • Cosmetics
  • Food industry (flavours)


  • Pleasant tasting and non-toxic compared to other solvents.
  • Suitable for children.
  • Comprises of vegetable derived glycerine
  • Vegetable source
  • Suitable for religious groups and vegans


  • A less aggressive form of extraction requiring more time than alcohol.
  • A lower propensity to extract non-polar compounds from herbs than alcohol.