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Ethanol Extracts

The presence of the above symbol on a W.Last product is an indication that it is an ethanol based extraction.

What Is A Tincture?

Mother tinctures are ethanol and water extracts that are prepared according to the methods outlined in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

The majority of our tinctures or ethanol extracts are prepared from dry plant material according to method HAB 4a and have a final Alcohol volume of 62%.

Upon special request and depending on the availability of raw material, W.Last is able to manufacture tinctures according to other methods such as HAB 2a, 3a etc. Please inquire if you are looking for a specific ethanol extraction method.

Mother Tincture Applications:

Mother tinctures are completely water soluble and only slightly soluble in oil. They can be taken orally and included in a variety of formulations, including but not limited to:

  • Creams and gels
  • Syrups and suspensions
  • Oral liquid drops
  • Topical drops (e.g ear drops)


  • Ethanol has strong denaturing properties and is able to penetrate the cell walls of organic matter to reach the active ingredients contained within.
  • The polarity of ethanol is such that it is able to extract an optimal balance of water and oil soluble active ingredients
  • Ethanol has strong bactericidal properties and is also effective against viruses and fungi. As a result ethanol extracts are self-preserving and self-sterilising and can impart these properties to the final formulation that they are used in.
  • Ethanol occurs freely in nature as a result of organic reactions and can be considered a natural solvent.


  • Ethanol has an unpleasant taste and may not be well tolerated by young children.
  • Due to the ethanol content, formulations containing mother tinctures may not be suitable for all religious and ethic groups. The Ethanol is obtained from cane sugar – this is comparable to rum or cane spirits.
  • At 62% ethanol is flammable. Care must be taken not to expose tinctures to an open flame or spark.